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Evening reference shift round-up

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

What a weird day. Torrential rain my cat seemed to think he could stop with constant meowing, someone thinking you can use the library’s wifi at home (and a reluctance to give out the login information as a result), a woman calling because she misplaced her bridge (as in teeth bridge) at one of our computer stations, and this rowdy bunch of researchers who are seriously making me rethink my strict no-shushing policy. Without further ado, my library-centric link round-up.

That’s all, folks.


I need a book…

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

As an academic librarian, part of what I miss most about public libraries is readers’ advisory.  It’s always a puzzle trying to figure out why a person likes a particular book or author and knowing that people will look to you for recommendations made me keep on top of my book knowledge game.  Here are two (free) tools that make the impossible task of finding someone else’s new favorite book a little more attainable.

Literature Map

Literature Map – Part of a larger recommending system powered by AI, Literature Map uses some kind of magic to map out authors.  In theory, the closer the authors, the more likely a reader will like both.  The large part of the fun is the inching around that occurs after first entering an author’s name as the system tries to sort out the relations.

The Book Seer

The Book Seer – Readers advisory meets design.  Fill in your most recent read and get recommendations – sadly only from Amazon.  I may have missed the boat on this one (by three years or so…) because it seems like at one point LibraryThing was linked as well.