weekly linkorama

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012


Still in beta, but an interesting concept.  Students can provide immediate feedback to professor’s on their understanding of class content through mobile devices and “computers” (what does that word mean anymore?).  Teachers can see real-time results of “confusometer” and “understandometer”, presumably allowing for brevity in the case of understanding and clarification for confusion.  Though it was designed with large college lecture halls in mind (to aid the poor afraid to speech undergrads), I can definitely see this being useful in a variety of educational settings (library instruction, anyone?).


5 Ways Microsoft’s Surface May Be Better than an iPad

Definitely a believe-it-when-I-see-it situation, but the inclusion of a keyboard into the cover (with a choice of flat keys or raised keys even!) must have Jobs rolling in his grave.  The addition of a USB port makes it a competitor, but I’ll be most curious to see if yet another ebook platform evolves out of this thing or if Microsoft with pair with something pre-existing.


Drunk Texts from Famous Authors

I would like more of these and I’m disappointed I didn’t think of this idea first.


Library Test Kitchen

What happens when you ask design school graduate students to create the library of the future?  A funky chair, WiFi cold spots, and an exploration of the library as interactive space.  The idea of making behind the scenes activities public is interesting for some positions, but do people really want to see me enhance MARC 505 fields?


ed2go: Gale’s new online education program for public library patons

Gale announced ed2go, a sort of online course that promises to deliver “access to hundreds of instructor-led online courses covering everything from health and wellness to digital photography, computer programming, GED test preparation and much more”.  Librarians are assured that they “in turn get robust product administration and usage reporting capabilities enabling the easy tracking of successful patron outcomes”, which doesn’t sound all that exciting a trade-off for me.  Knowing the typical public library patrons, I wonder how much troubleshooting will be involved.  I’m also assuming this is an individual type thing, but wonder if getting a group to take the same class would be a good way to bring together community members (and get a discount???).



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