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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Public Library Computer Waiting Queues: Alternatives to the First-Come-First-Served Strategy – Stuart Williamson

If you like your library a bit math-y, you’ll love this article.  I love it because it uses pre-existing data in a new way.  My super-quick summary: while it may be tempting to dedicate several computers to 15-minute express stations, depending on your demand, this can seriously effect your wait time for regular computers.  “Losing just one of the eighteen available computers nearly doubles the average wait for the remaining 6,884 users in the other priority classes.”  Ouch!  Individual libraries should run their numbers, since the findings aren’t necessarily universal.

L-Schools and I-Schools Should Take a Closer Look at D-Schools

As a casual design junkie, I totally agree.  The appeal of good design is something that libraries need to harness and use to empower their organizations.  Anythink Libraries definitely come to mind as a success story, reimagining their entire services using design thinking skills.  Even just applying design principles to library websites would do worlds of good, in terms of ease of access and attractiveness (I hate to point it out, but the Designing Better Libraries blog that this post came from could use a little d-help in that respect).

The Library Box

I’ll be honest.  I’m techy, but not I’m not quite techy enough to fully get The Library Box.  I get it, in a vague, “I know it has immense potential” sort of way.  That “it could be part of a major shift in the interaction between libraries, patrons, and content”, kind of way.  Some part of my brain wants to smash The Library Box with the Iowa City Public Library’s Local Music Project.  And maybe a bookmobile.  Ideas are murky, but forming.

Last but not least…


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